A powerful, comprehensive photogrammetric vector collection and editing package.

VrOne stores all vector data in its own binary file format, which makes for very efficient data access and manipulation. VrOne can open and display up to 2000 vector files and can also open and display up to 2000 TIFF images (with world files) as a backdrop to the vector display.

The VrOne vector database has the following characteristics:

  • 3-D double precision
  • 10,001 data layers
  • Unlimited file size
  • Unlimited number of points on a line
  • 48 character feature code available for each entity
  • 32 bit non-graphic pointer
  • Text labels up to 512 characters
  • Support for 256 vector colors
Module information: VrOne
  • Product compatibility:
  • Licensing requirements:
    SOCET SET v5.1+, Core, and Stereo
  • Part number:

VrOne integration