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Track 4: Remote sensing


This training course is free of charge for current and prospective customers.
However, you must register online to attend one of our free training courses, we are unable to accept walk-in registrations. Classroom seating is limited, and courses fill up quickly, so we recommend you reserve your seat in advance.

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Who should attend?

Full-spectrum geospatial-intelligence analysts and others with similar tasks.

Modules [5 days total]:

SOCET GXP v4.1 essentials [2 days]

This course is the fundamental learning block for all other modules. It offers an overview of SOCET GXP software functionality and product creation. Topics include:

  • Graphical user interface and basic components
  • Preferences
  • Loading and importing data
  • Web Mapping Service
  • Working with imagery
  • Basic drawing tools
  • Chipping
  • Grid reference graphic
  • Custom templates
  • Comparison tools
  • Registration
  • Finishing Tool
  • Terrain visualization
  • Google Earth products
  • 3-D visualization

HSI/MSI/SAR [1 day]

Work with HSI, MSI, and SAR imagery in SOCET GXP. View and manipulate image bands and apply algorithms to draw out items of interest or areas that need further investigation.

  • HSI and MSI imagery
  • MSI composites
  • Band selection
  • Image enhancements
  • Histograms
  • Pan sharpening
  • Scatter plot
  • Spectral profile
  • Band statistics
  • Spectral algorithms
    – Supervised and unsupervised classification
  • Xport
  • SAR
  • Band math
  • Colorization

Advanced annotations and feature extraction [1½ days]

Find out how SOCET GXP interacts with ArcMap and how to automatically extract buildings and trees from high-resolution LiDAR data. Draw graphics and extract features in 2-D and 3-D using the new Drawing Toolbox.

  • Stereo Model Manager and stereo viewing
  • Drawing Toolbox (advanced annotations)
  • Creating specification files
  • Creating style sheets
  • Creating a SOCET GXP feature database
  • Default specification file
  • Extracting features
  • Feature query
  • Spatially enabled exploitation
  • SOCET for ArcGIS
  • Automatic feature extraction

3-D modeling [1/2 day]

Discover how SOCET GXP interacts with Google SketchUp and how COLLADA models and KML/KMZ files are used in SOCET GXP for situational awareness. Create 3-D products such as 3-D GeoPDF and OpenFlight models. Extract 3-D buildings in SOCET GXP and display in the 3-D viewer.

  • 3-D modeling workflow
  • 3-D modeling fundamentals
  • Basic building tools
  • Complex 3-D modeling tools
  • Automatic texturing
  • Google SketchUp integration
  • COLLADA and KMZ models
  • 3-D visualization products