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GXP Xplorer v2.0 released February 16, 2011

GXP Xplorer is a revolutionary data discovery and management tool that makes it easy to locate, retrieve, and share geospatial data on a local network or across an enterprise…

‘Automatic Extraction’ as featured in Geospatial Intelligence Forum March 2011

As the volume of imagery grows, analysts need software help in recognizing specific objects, from hills to roads, in digitized data…

‘Photo/Image Analysis Aids’ as featured in Tactical ISR Technology March 2011

Image analysis software can be used to exploit geospatial imagery for tactical purposes, such as assessing combatant movement and positions. The military has made progress using video to improve mission efficiency within ISR communities…

BAE Systems introduces SOCET GXP® v3.2

With the addition of frame import and triangulation, SOCET GXP® achieves a new level of support for SOCET SET® workflows. SOCET GXP v3.2 also includes terrain registration, comparison and volumetrics that go well beyond the tools in SOCET SET.

BAE Systems hosting media briefing on geospatial data management and intelligence reporting

BAE Systems is hosting a media briefing January 31 in Reston to introduce revolutionary technology for data access, retrieval and intelligence reporting. Media representatives are invited to a one-hour demonstration…

Happy holidays from your friends at GXP!

View the 2010 GXP holiday greeting card.

Join us for a free GXP open house on February 2!

BAE Systems is hosting a free open house to preview GXP Xplorer v2.0, the revolutionary new data management application, and to demonstrate new functionality for SOCET GXP® v3.2, the analyst’s tool of choice for data fusion, analysis and geospatial-intelligence reporting.

GEOINT 2010: GXP Xplorer — Take command of your data universe

Dan London, vice president of sales, marketing, and support for the Geospatial eXploitation Products

Dan London, vice president of sales, marketing, and support for the Geospatial eXploitation Products® business talks about GXP Xplorer®, a new data discovery and retrieval application.

He explains that GXP Xplorer is different from other products on the market today that require users to access multiple data stores. “Most systems out there are looking at building a super data store, and we all know that’s not…

‘Geospatial TTPS Boost Cybersecurity’ as featured in Geospatial Intelligence Forum October 2010

The geospatial tradecraft has benefited from the development of tools, techniques and procedures (TTP) that play a major role in combating terrorism in the 21st century. These TTPs have improved the situational awareness of the operational environment, which is vital to understanding and mitigating threats.

‘Mobile Devices: The New Force in Geospatial-Intelligence Reporting’ as featured in Geoworld October 2010

The linked panels in this SOCET GXP image show basic, side-by-side comparison. The panels are linked so the two images roam and zoom together to show the same image, which can be useful with before-and-after images from a natural disaster or other event.

BAE SYSTEMS to demonstrate new data management software at GEOINT Symposium

Media representatives are invited to a BAE Systems technology demonstration at the GEOINT 2010 Symposium. The company will demonstrate GXP Xplorer, a new enterprise data management system that makes it easy to find and share geospatial data on a local network or across an enterprise. Analysts use a map-based discovery window to locate and view data, and to select files for use in other software applications, such as PowerPoint® or SOCET GXP®. The GXP Xplorer data library offers cataloging and search tools to build a common data environment.

‘Rich Basket of Tool Kits: Industry players are continually updating their geospatial exploitation tool kits to meet ongoing challenges’ as featured in Geospatial Intelligence Forum September 2010

BAE Systems recently introduced GXP Xplorer, which addresses the first step in analyzing geospatial intelligence—finding the data.”If they can’t find data, analysts can’t do their jobs,” said Sarojak. “Once they find it they want to fuse it. Each data type has its strengths and weaknesses.” GXP Xplorer enables analysts to search not only their local catalogs but also other sources of available data, such as those stored on enterprise applications or on network accessible libraries, by enabling federated queries across multiple sources.

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