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2010 Conference registration is now open!

We hope you’ll join us for an informative program that includes an extensive range of presentations from BAE Systems, its partners and users as well as an exhibition showcasing the latest technologies available from our partners

BAE Systems continues tradition of charitable giving with support of ‘Wounded Warriors’

BAE Systems’ Geospatial eXploitation Products business recently donated $1,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization dedicated to honoring and empowering wounded veterans.

SOCET GXP® v3.1 now available!

SOCET GXP v3.1 continues focusing on full integration of image analysis and geospatial analysis in one versatile product. Core functionality has been refined to improve the overall user experience and boost production. New high-performance image-analysis and geospatial production features are more efficient and intuitive.

Happy holidays from your friends at GXP!

‘Remote sensing by remote control: UAVs become invaluable assets’ as featured in Fall 2009 Imaging Notes

Matt Bower of BAE Systems discusses the benefits of using the new SOCET GXP Video Analysis tool to analyze video feeds from unmanned aerial systems.

‘Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders: A Legacy of Geographic Training at West Point’ as featured in October 2009 issue of Geoworld

The West Point campus, located on a plateau high above the Hudson River, is a natural training ground for students who elect to study GIS, which requires gathering, measuring, and documenting features that characterize the physical environment as well as storing the information in databases for future reference.

GEOINT Symposium 2009 day three: SOCET GXP® v3.1 shows Video Analysis capabilities

Full motion video and video analysis were two hot topics at this week’s GEOINT Symposium. Streaming video gives analysts and ground forces a current and realistic view of the operational environment.

GEOINT Symposium 2009 day two: New image processing algorithms for SOCET GXP® v3.1 are on display

Multiple new hyperspectral and multispectral algorithm plug-ins for SOCET GXP® debut in the forthcoming release.Users can employ the algorithms to detect camouflage, or other hard-to-identify objects in imagery. The new plug-ins provide a convenient option for SOCET GXP users, who would otherwise have to employ specialized applications to complete these image processing tasks.

GEOINT Symposium 2009 day one: BAE Systems showcases high-performance SOCET GXP® technology

BAE Systems’ Geospatial eXploitation Products team demonstrates eXtreme Analysis™ software developments this week at the GEOINT Symposium in San Antonio, TX. The SOCET GXP v3.1 release scheduled for later this fall includes new analysis tools for video, terrain, and hyperspectral and multispectral processing.

BAE Systems to demonstrate high-performance geospatial-analysis software at GEOINT symposium

Media representatives are invited to a BAE Systems technology demonstration at the GEOINT 2009 Symposium. The company will demonstrate new features for its automated geospatial-intelligence analysis and reporting software, SOCET GXP® v3.1, which offers high-definition video analysis, terrain profiling, hyperspectral and multispectral image processing, and real-time visualization.

The future of SOCET SET®

Nigel Lambton, director of sales for the Geospatial eXploitation Products in the EMEA region

Current SOCET SET end users can experiment with demo versions of SOCET GXP® in their environments and work with BAE Systems to communicate the photogrammetric processes they would like to see in future versions of SOCET GXP.

Nigel Lambton, director of sales and marketing for the GXP® EMEA region, reviews new photogrammetric and geospatial analysis highlights …

Experience the power of eXtreme Analysis with SOCET GXP® at the GEOINT 2009 Symposium

Stop by BAE Systems booth 503 at the GEOINT 2009 Symposium in San Antonio, Texas, October 19 – 21 for a software demonstration. New features in the works include: Video Analysis, XPL, a data library and search tool that helps organizations manage data on local workstations, over a network, or across the enterprise; an OGC-compliant Web services tool; hyperspectral and multispectral image processing; and the Xport™, a specialized Multiport with up to 16 linked preview panels for different processing chains.

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