Automatic Terrain Generation (ATG)

Automatic Terrain Generation (ATG)

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The Automatic Terrain Generation (ATG) module in SOCET GXP provides fully automated capabilities to extract elevation data from stereo imagery.

The intuitive interface provides user friendly options for creating accurate, high-resolution digital terrain models (DTM). ATG allows users to generate SOCET GXP Grid, DTED, NITF, and GeoTIFF files natively in SOCET GXP, reducing editing and production time, while eliminating the need to import and export files.

Automatic Terrain Generation (ATG) consists of functionality from:

Both ATE and NGATE are used to generate digital terrain models (DTM). The DTM is needed to create digital photogrammetric products such as orthophotos, perspective scenes, and image maps. The main difference between ATE and NGATE is that NGATE generates a more accurate and dense DTM.

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Automatic Terrain Generation (ATG)

One-meter DSMs created using NGATE from 0.5 m GSD WorldView-1 stereo imagery. Both models are of the same area; image on left is a perspective view of part of the terrain shaded relief image on the right.

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