BINGO for SOCET SET® is a high performance software solution for photogrammetric bundle adjustment with self-calibration, closely integrated into SOCET SET.

Based on rigorous mathematics and capable of handling a broad range of imagery and associated data, BINGO is comprehensive and powerful. Integration with SOCET SET expedites measurement and remeasurement, resulting in a flexible workflow giving the shortest path to accurate results. BINGO’s a posteriori statistics ensure that quality control is straightforward.

Triangulation: the key to successful production photogrammetry.

Success in production photogrammetry depends on linking various processes into a smooth workflow capable of generating results to the required accuracy and carrying out quality assurance to ensure that specifications are met. Products such as digital terrain models and orthorectified imagery require correctly oriented images with known accuracy. For most customers, therefore, bundle adjustment is critical: accurate orientation information must be estimated from the image, sensor and ground data very rapidly and must include not only sensor self-calibration but also comprehensive statistics for quality control.

BINGO meets all the requirements. In addition to airborne film and digital imagery, it can handle SPOT satellite and close-range imagery, GPS and IMU data and terrestrial survey measurements. Initial orientation values are estimated automatically. The program runs very fast and there is no limit on block size. Both interactive and automatic blunder elimination are available and the results include a wide range of statistical quality estimates.

BINGO exploits SOCET SET’s capabilities for image handling and viewing, and its strengths in both interactive and automatic measurement of image points and ground control. Operations are controlled from the BINGO Manager, which is selected from a pull-down SOCET SET menu. The user can design the most comfortable, efficient workflow, switching between measurement, adjustment, quality assessment and re-measurement as required. After theresults are accepted, the SOCET SET imagesupport files are updated. The user can also benefit from the wide range of data export functions in both SOCET SET and BINGO.

Examples of leading-edge performance

BINGO’s extensive capabilities, versatility and superb mathematics are proven and acknowledged throughout the photogrammetric world. Recent advances underline the remarkable value that the package unleashes. A survey net project in California in 2004 involved the adjustment of 712,297 points, 2,890,308 unknowns, and 4,376,589 survey measurements. The normal equations and their inverse were 10 GB each. BINGO computed the results successfully in only seven hours on an ordinary PC. Also at the leading edge of performance is BINGO’s recent encompassing of Combined Phase Ambiguity Solution (CPAS), which makes use of GPS reference systems where available, rigorously models GPS errors, and keeps them separate from datum changes or interior orientation parameters, without the need for drift parameters or cross-strips.


  • Very fast adjustment of huge blocks. Smooth, reliable triangulation leads to rapid product creation.
  • Quality control checks using the latest statistical techniques.
  • GPS, IMU and ground measurements all included in the adjustment in a totally rigorous way.
  • Renowned, reliable software used worldwide gives confidence in the results.
  • Integration with SOCET SET brings image import, measurement, adjustment, re-measurement and quality control close together in a productive, intuitive workflow.
  • Economical: the combination of SOCET SET and BINGO produces excellent results quickly, so the investment is repaid quickly.
  • Processes data from many sensors and sources.
  • Statistics include a posteriori precision and reliability estimates for all unknowns and observations.
  • Informative graphics to illustrate camera calibration, residuals, precision, reliability, block layout with true footprints, etc.
  • Continuously developed and enhanced since the early 1980s by Dr. Erwin Kruck.
Module information: BINGO
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  • Licensing requirements:
    SOCET SET v5.1+ and Core
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