VrOne® installation instructions

Important note: Before the VrOne setup program or the VrOne HostID Utility program can be executed, a password MUST be entered when prompted.

This password is only available via email in a license request.

  1. Using Windows Explorer, go the setup or temp directory into which the VrOne installation file was downloaded and double-click on vrssAAA-BBB.exe.
  2. Since this self-extracting executable is password-protected, enter the password obtained in the above “Important Notice” section.
  3. During the installation process, the default installation directory of C:\vr can be changed if necessary, and if desired, short-cut icons on the Desktop can be created for vrone_ss.exe and vrcfig_ss.exe.

SOCET DLL search path

Note: If vrone_ss or vrcfig_ss is executed from a Desktop icon or by double-clicking on the program from within Windows Explorer, an Unable to Locate Component message window may appear that says:

“This application has failed to start because librti_5*.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”

Although it shouldn’t be necessary to re-install the application, this message does indicate that the required SOCET SET DLL files can’t be found in the system’s search path. As a result, this error can be addressed by either of the following:

  • Select VrOne SOCET or VrOne Config from the SOCET SET pull-down menu. This method causes VrOne to explicitly inherit the environment variables normally defined during the execution of SOCET SET, which does include the SOCET .\lib directory.
  • Manually include the SOCET .\lib directory in your system’s search path by:
    1. Right-click on the My Computer desktop icon.
    2. Select Properties.
    3. Select the Advanced Tab.
    4. Click the Environment Variables button.
    5. In the System variables window, select Path.
    6. Press the Edit button and add the SOCET ,\lib directory to the Variable Value field.
    7. Click the OK button to save and exit.

Of the two methods, manually adding the SOCET .\lib directory to your system’s search path will provide more flexibility insofar that VrOne can then be executed without having the additional requirement that SOCET SET is running.