VrOne® license request

The information required for the VrOne license can be obtained by executed the \vr\bin\vrone_ss.exe program.

If the VrOne license file hasn’t been installed, a Vr Security – VrOnewindow will appear with the Computer Name, HostID, and Password.

To facilitate the delivery of the VrOne license file to you, an email request can be made as follows:

Cc: <Your_BAE_Sales/Support_Representative>
Subject: VrOne-SOCET License Request
Your Name:
Company Name:
Company Address:
Company Phone Number:
License Request Type: Demo/Evaluation or Purchased/Permanent
And as indicated in the Vr Security – VrOne window.
Computer Name:
Host ID:
User Name:

Upon verification of the license request, an email containing the VrOne password will be sent to you. It is that license code string that will need to be entered into the Password field of the Vr Security – VrOne window.

If the VrOne license has been extended or upgraded, the \vr\data\vr.sec file can be renamed to allow for the entry of the updated license code key.