Transition from SOCET SET to SOCET GXP

Transition from SOCET SET to SOCET GXP

GIS professionals everywhere are experiencing the power of eXtreme Analysis (XA) with SOCET GXP®, adopting it as their tool of choice for advanced image and video analysis, mapping, geospatial production and photogrammetry, data sharing, and 3-D visualization. SOCET GXP now includes photogrammetric tools and capabilities formerly available only in SOCET SET®. The intuitive interface makes advanced functionality accessible and easy to use — complex processes are automated and workflows are simplified.

To assist in making a smooth transition from SOCET SET to SOCET GXP, all SOCET SET customers with current Upgrade Entitlement are eligible to receive a free six-month SOCET GXP evaluation license that can be run in parallel with SOCET SET. As you migrate to SOCET GXP, you can convert SOCET SET licenses for equivalent functionality in SOCET GXP.

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