June 2011

Executive compass | June 2011

GXP Xplorer offers an upgrade path to Web and mobile apps

Janis McArthur

Janis McArthur

GXP Xplorer is a new commercial software product for geospatial data discovery, dissemination and sharing that will be available next month. It is our first enterprise server product that supports multiple users through desktop applications or Web browsers.

We created GXP Xplorer to provide three main capabilities to SOCET GXP customers: data management and sharing, an updated tool for visual coverage and access to their data from anywhere through a Web interface.


Destinations | June 2011

2011 GXP User Conference registration is open!

discover. learn. advance.
September 19 – 22, 2011
Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles | Chantilly, Virginia

BAE Systems welcomes software users, geospatial professionals and business partners to participate in the 2011 GXP User Conference, an open forum for the global geospatial community to share information and discuss emerging trends. Join your peers from around the world to preview the industry’s most eagerly anticipated new software, SOCET GXP v4.0 and GXP Xplorer v2.1.

Be among the first to see ground-breaking technology and future plans; provide your unique perspective on new geospatial-intelligence tools and workflows; visit with industry exhibitors; and have a direct impact on the future development of GXP products.


Destinations | June 2011

Share your experience and knowledge at the 2011 GXP User Conference

We are now accepting abstracts for conference presentations. In addition to advancing GXP product knowledge, the conference is designed to encourage and promote the development, advancement and exchange of information and research in the geospatial sciences.

We invite GXP customers, geospatial and image analysts, industry partners and GIS executives to propose presentation ideas. Authors may review sample topics and submit abstracts online, http://www.socetgxp.com/conference/2011/call-for-abstracts. The submission deadline is July 15, 2011.

Note: Conference registration is waived for selected speakers. Compensation and reimbursement is not provided for travel, lodging or other expenses incurred by speakers in connection with their attendance at the conference.

Customer and partner spotlight | June 2011

BAE Systems engineer uses SOCET GXP overseas to support U.S. Marine Corps efforts in Afghanistan

Jacob Hsieh (far right) with 3rd Intel Bn.

Jacob Hsieh (far right) with 3rd Intel Bn.

Jacob Hsieh, GXP senior systems engineer, and U.S. Marine reservist, has used his SOCET GXP experience far beyond the confines of training rooms and customer support calls for BAE Systems.

In June 2009, Hsieh was mobilized and joined the Economic and Political Intelligence Cell out of San Diego. Hsieh’s platoon was later attached to the 3rd Intelligence Battalion (3rd Intel Bn) based in Okinawa to participate in a mission to help legitimize the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and rebuild the nation. Because of his SOCET GXP product knowledge, Hsieh is passionate about passing on relevant software skills to assist analysts in the field.


GXP in the news | June 2011

BAE Systems expands presence in India

Lt Col. Rajnish Bhatia (Ret.)

Retired Lt Col. Rajnish Bhatia

BAE Systems has expanded its Geospatial eXploitation Products (GXP) business in New Delhi, India to support escalating customer requirements for image analysis, data management and geospatial production tools throughout the region.

Retired Lt. Col. Rajnish Bhatia has joined the BAE Systems India office as the GXP regional manager.


June 2011 | Q & A

Visualizing terrain with the slope map tool

SOCET GXP v3.2 offers multiple ways to visualize terrain data

What is the slope map tool used for in SOCET GXP?

SOCET GXP contains terrain analysis tools for in-depth geospatial awareness and analysis, such as Terrain Shaded Relief (TSR) displays. Now capabilities have been expanded to include more complex functionality for elevation slope and aspect analysis, terrain comparison, volume calculations, line of sight and registration. A slope map is a graphical depiction of the steepness of terrain or elevation data and is defined as an angle of rise over horizontal run. The slope can be calculated using many different algorithms, but SOCET GXP uses either average slope or steepest slope algorithms to determine the slope value for each terrain post. This is performed by imagining a center post with eight surrounding cells. The slope is calculated at each point in a grid by comparing the point’s elevation to that of its neighbors.


June 2011 | Tips and tricks

Setting interpolation as a preference in SOCET GXP

Image prior to smoothing

When viewing images in SOCET GXP, various degrees of granularity may appear. This is often displayed as a line between pixel boundaries when zoomed in as far as 25,600%, as shown in Figure 2. To smooth pixels, use a different interpolation setting. From the Home tab in the Zoom group, click the Interpolation button to select different methods, from ICA Lagrange shown in Figure 1, which provides the best overall and best zoom-in image quality, to Maximum, the best algorithm to enable performance over quality.


June 2011 | Tips and tricks

Using SOCET GXP to organize data in the Workspace Manager

In SOCET GXP, analysts can categorize data in folders. This is particularly useful when organizing imagery from different months or years.

  • To add folders, right-click Workspace (Data View) > New Folder
  • To add multiple or nested folders, right-click Workspace (Data View) > New Folder, and rename the new folders.
Organize data in the Workspace Manager

June 2011 | Resolutions

New GXP training center in Beavercreek, Ohio

BAE Systems GXP has partnered with the Advanced Technical Intelligence Center for Human Capital Development (ATIC) in Ohio to offer training on GXP products at their Beavercreek, Ohio facility.

At this time, ATIC offers a two-day SOCET GXP eXtreme Analysis course from 8 a.m. to 5.p.m. on the following days:

Training courses at this facility are open to U.S. citizens only. Security clearances are not required.

View the complete list of worldwide free SOCET GXP and SOCET SET training classes.

June 2011 | Resolutions

Hit the ground running with the SOCET GXP v3.2 Go! guide

Image prior to smoothing

The new SOCET GXP Go! guide, updated for SOCET GXP v3.2, is now available in a smaller, compact size that fits in a cargo pant pocket.

Each of the 10 topics offer screen shots and other visual cues that make the booklet a handy resource when using SOCET GXP in remote locations or in the field. Tips and keyboard shortcuts are also included.

The SOCET GXP v3.2 Go! guide is included with all GXP software shipments and is available during free training classes offered at all GXP worldwide training centers. To request a copy of the new SOCET GXP Go! guide, please contact a customer support representative.

GXP Xplorer | June 2011 | Software update

Create smart photos in the field

Image prior to smoothing

GXP Xplorer Mobile app

BAE Systems is developing a mobile application for GXP Xplorer, the new data management tool. The handy mobile app uses Google Maps and GPS APIs to connect to any accessible GXP Xplorer server. Collect photos on the ground, then view and chip out areas of interest. GXP Xplorer automatically creates geotagged photos. Use the mobile app to query multiple catalogs; free-text search; view footprints, thumbnails, overviews and metadata; and upload files to the server.

June 2011 | SOCET GXP | Software update

A new SOCET GXP v3.2 EXPORT patch has been added to the BAE Systems GXP FTP site

The following list highlights some important updates included in the 201103 EXPORT patch:

  • Performance improvements, installation and licensing issues – General installation issues resolved. The patch installation now overwrites existing SOCET GXP v3.2 installations instead of uninstall/reinstall, thereby maintaining custom permission settings and faster installation of the SOCET GXP application. Licensing has been improved to fix an issue that caused pausing of the SOCET GXP application especially when using networked license servers. Fixed cursor roam performance, which was previously extremely choppy and tiled. Improved roam performance on JPEG 2000 data.
  • Workspace save/restore – Fixed a bug restoring Xport configurations for MSI containers. Fixed problems with workspace restore. Resolves New Workspace crashes when save workspace is chosen on dialog box.
  • Product generation – Several issues were resolved regarding text in the finishing tool and use of product templates.
  • Google Earth – Fixed a crash exporting feature vectors to Google Earth.
  • Video analysis – general improvements and bug fixes including memory leaks in streaming video.
  • Spatially enabled exploitation and SOCET for ArcGIS – General stabilization fixes. Improvements to feature attribute editing and geodatabase transformation capabilities.

More info: http://www.socetgxp.com/content/category/support/software-patch-updates

June 2011 | SOCET SET | Software update

SOCET SET v5.6 supports Esri ArcGIS 10

The forthcoming SOCET SET v5.6.0 release supports Esri ArcGIS 10, including improved performance, support for geodatabase subtypes and auto-attribution improvements. The release fully supports the Windows 7 operating system.

Features collected in SOCET SET v5.6 with ArcMap 10

This screenshot displays features collected in SOCET SET v5.6 with ArcMap 10. SOCET for ArcGIS symbolizes features to make it easy for analysts to quickly scan an image and identify features based on attributes. Symbols were created for different building types in the image, and each color represents a unique attribute in the image. Government buildings are green, houses are red, tourist destinations are blue, roads are orange and bridges are yellow. Worldview-2 image courtesy of DigitalGlobe.


June 2011 | SOCET SET | Software update

A new SOCET SET v5.5 EXPORT patch has been added to the BAE Systems GXP FTP site.

The following list includes new items in the cumulative 201104 EXPORT patch:

  • GXP00024032 Manual select of ISOURCE required for DPPDB
  • GXP00025455 Add new ClearFlite ICAO Area 2 surface specifications
  • GXP00025606 Fix bug introduced into nextview_join utility program in March 2011 patch
  • GXP00025761 Fix invalid ClearFlite end point setup
  • GXP00025784 Problem with between-stereo model shear values not being populated when running Import Geopositioning Job
  • GXP00025872 Add FAA A18_P10.SRP surface file to ClearFlite
  • GXP00025893 Make sure the patch install clearly identifies itself as a patch
  • GXP00022637 Update installers to take advantage of new InstallAnywhere 2010 features
  • GXP00022790 Unable to open chip in FalconView due to missing IGEOLO fields
  • GXP00023827 Update CIB version history from hard drive rather than media
  • XP00023946 Square After Accept drawing not working properly when using Measure HGT/Zxx preference in SFA
  • GXP00024031 DPPDB Hardcopy Manifest needs correct Security Classification Authority
  • GXP00024032 Manual select of ISOURCE required for DPPDB
  • GXP00024034 DPPDB diagnostic/shear points for commercial imagery not oriented properly
  • GXP00024540 ClearFlite Crash on F-77 Surfaces
  • GXP00024552 NGATE fails to generate DTM from images with very different GSD
  • GXP00024677 Add missing ClearFlite FAA files
  • GXP00024829 Licensing performance fixes
  • GXP00024847 NGATE ocean enhancement with WorldView2 images
  • GXP00024924 Fix Mosaic crash with COWI TIN terrain file
  • XP00024931 Fix Flicker Images crash on Windows
  • GXP00024945 Specifiable constant height for area_matcher
  • GXP00025067 Make incompatible patch changes to NCDRD sensor model compatible
  • GXP00025144 SFA — fix for multipart features
  • GXP00025157 nextview_join not recognizing overlapping segments
  • GXP00025326 patch installer using the wrong license agreement
  • GXP00025327 Generation of DPPDB-like product without CADRG raster graphic
  • XP00025464 Fix patch installer web page
  • GXP00025699 Fix build of socet_arcmap on Windows 7

More info: http://www.socetgxp.com/content/category/support/software-patch-updates