September 2011

Executive compass | September 2011

Customer portal offers 24/7 access to GXP account information

Deena Merrill

Deena Merrill

GXP launches myGXP Customer Portal

With the addition of new tools, functionality, and products, the GXP business has experienced an increase in the number of requests for software media, licenses, and updates. To fulfill these requests in an organized and timely manner, we created an external-facing customer portal to ensure continued first-class support.

Two years ago a small, dedicated group, known as the Portal Tiger Team, met monthly to brainstorm ideas and develop the structure for a customer portal. In the fall of 2010, after several meetings, insightful planning, and customer beta testing, the Tiger Team approved the myGXP Customer Portal launch for customers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Rim. After immediate success in these regions, the portal debuted in the Americas in the summer of 2011.


Destinations | September 2011

Don’t miss the must attend event of the year!

2011 GXP User Conference

Featured keynote speakers

John M. Custer, Major General (Retired), EMC Corporation

Morning keynote
The Big Data Challenge
John M. Custer, Major General (Retired), EMC Corporation

Dr. Ann Carbonell, NGA

Afternoon keynote
NGA and Open IT Architecture
Dr. Ann Carbonell, NGA

2011 GXP User Conference agenda at a glance

GXP Boot Camp

Get a head start on the technical program by attending GXP Boot Camp. GXP engineers and subject matter experts will be on hand to demonstrate SOCET GXP v3.2. Sample scenarios include creating quick image products, long-term products such as feature databases, and a brief overview of SOCET GXP with GXP Xplorer data discovery. GXP Boot Camp lays the foundation for conference sessions by displaying current SOCET GXP capabilities.


Destinations | September 2011

BAE Systems GXP Arthur C. Gunn Memorial Golf Tournament

Arthur C. Gunn

Arthur C. Gunn

In memoriam of the passing of esteemed colleague, Arthur C. Gunn in 2010, the GXP team has renamed the annual GXP golf tournament The BAE Systems GXP Arthur C. Gunn Memorial Golf Tournament.

Many in the geospatial-intelligence community are proud to have called Art a good friend. His enthusiasm and professional perspective always were a welcome addition to the annual GXP User Conference.

This year, as a tribute to Art Gunn, the GXP team is conducting a silent auction, with golf theme, including paraphernalia such as a Westfields Golf Club flag autographed and donated by Westfields Golf Course designer and professional golfer, Fred Couples.


Destinations | September 2011

XA Cup tournament

Are you eXtreme?

The GXP team is looking for the most eXtreme Analyst (XA) of 2011. Fire up your XA skills for a chance to claim the title of “2011 eXtreme Analyst of the Year,” and take home the XA Cup trophy. The XA of the Year maintains bragging rights until the 2012 GXP User Conference, and is featured on the BAE Systems GXP website, and in the GXP Mosaic newsletter.

2011 XA Cup


GXP in the news | September 2011

U.S. Army increases Geospatial-Intelligence for Commands with SOCET GXP

The U.S. Army recently signed a multi-year agreement to add more than 500 new SOCET GXP licenses.

As the Army consolidates legacy systems into the Distributed Common Ground System – Army (DCGS-A) enterprise, the program must meet wide-ranging requirements for imagery and geospatial analysis. SOCET GXP v3.2 is optimized for handling large data sets and many layers of information derived from various sensors and geodatabases. Users exploit the data through collaborative video analysis and other tools, helping the Army visualize the battle space.

Additionally, existing SOCET GXP licenses for DCGS-Enabled Common Ground Station installations will be upgraded worldwide.

“BAE Systems has extensive experience in supporting the DoD,” said Dan London, vice president of sales, marketing and customer support for the GXP business. “We have the technologies and background to help the Army fully realize the capabilities needed for DCGS-A to support the command.”

Resolutions | September 2011

GXP plans modular training classes for 2012

With the success of the GXP worldwide training program and the forthcoming release of SOCET GXP v4.0 on the horizon, the GXP training team is working on an updated training plan.

We sincerely appreciate the candid feedback students have provided in post-training class surveys to assist us in structuring the training program to support real-life workflows.

SOCET GXP v4.0 represents a significant milestone we set forth nearly 10 years ago to combine image analysis and geospatial analysis into one robust image exploitation solution. With an abundance of new functionality, including innovative tools and workflows for feature collection, 3-D urban modeling, and easy-to-use photogrammetric workflows, SOCET GXP offers customers streamlined analysis and production in a single software package. Therefore, modular classes are being developed to cover advanced tools and topics.


GXP Xplorer | September 2011 | Software update

BAE Systems answers the call for GEOINT on-demand

GXP Xplorer Mobile

GXP Xplorer Mobile

Connect to all of the data in your geospatial-intelligence enterprise on the go with the new GXP Xplorer Mobile app.

Access multiple geospatial data stores — maps, satellite images, airborne tactical images, charts, videos, audio, handheld photos, vectors, terrain, features of interest, GeoPDF images and maps, PowerPoint presentations, and text documents.

GXP Xplorer Mobile connects to any GXP Xplorer Enterprise Server for downloads and uploads. Search multiple GXP Xplorer Enterprise Server catalogs, image libraries, or Web news feeds simultaneously.

GXP Xplorer Mobile puts the power of GEOINT in your hands. Access your GXP Xplorer Enterprise Server from the mobile app to:

  • Capture and share geotagged photos and other files created in the field
  • Perform map-based and free-text searches
  • View footprints, thumbnails, overviews, and metadata
  • Chip images and download chips to the mobile device
  • Manage data on the mobile device

Learn more >>

September 2011 | SOCET GXP | Software update

SOCET GXP v3.2 EXPORT patch 201107.2 released on 8/4/2011

The following list includes new items in the 201107.2 EXPORT patch:

  • GXP00024890: Addressed stability and usability issues with the image and map background capability
  • GXP00025013: Community servers – improved streaming robustness
  • GXP00025794: Community servers – Improved smooth streaming play
  • (more…)

September 2011 | SOCET SET | Software update

SOCET SET v5.5 EXPORT patch 201108.1 released on 8/8/2011

The following list includes new items in the cumulative 201108.1 EXPORT patch:

  • GXP00027605: Corrected two issues recently discovered in the AC18 SML code on (1) FAA Threshold Distance (2) AC18 Missed Approach Surfaces
  • GXP00029767: Fixed dev_kit project file save when UTM zone is less than 10
  • GXP00030549: SOCET for ArcGIS – Fixed a small shift problem when accepting a feature after using the 3-D snap with ArcMap tools

To ensure that all software transactions are secure, BAE Systems has implemented a new system for accessing SOCET SET software and patches. A username and password are now required. Visit the GXP website support pages for details.

September 2011 | SOCET SET | Software update

SOCET SET v5.6 EXPORT patch 201107.3 released on 8/10/2011

The following list includes new items in the cumulative 201107.3 EXPORT patch:

  • GXP00026684: Changed CIB-like generation to create accuracies from 2-D data, eliminating need for stereo mate selection
  • GXP00026689: Added capability to generate CIB-like products without CADRG
  • GXP00026837: Fixed generation failure with Lunar data
  • (more…)

September 2011 | SOCET SET | Software update

Delivering ORIMA support files to SOCET SET v5.5 and v5.6

If ORIMA-SOCET SET release 10 or release 11 has been used to perform the aerotriangulation adjustment with SOCET SET, and the SOCET SET project files are to be used on another system, the “libSSFrameORIMA_pluginSM.dll” file also should be copied into the SOCET SET “…\lib\smplugins” directory on the target system. This plugin DLL is included with the ORIMA setup application and can be delivered with the ORIMA-created support files.


September 2011 | SOCET SET | Software update

Using ADS imagery with SOCET SET

Before ADS imagery can be used with SOCET SET, it must be determined if the support files were created by the Leica GPro/XPro processing software, or if they were created through the SOCET SET image import process.

Open an ADS support file with a text editor and note if the “SENSOR_TYPE” is “ADS” or “ADS40.” Support files containing the BAE Systems “ADS40” sensor model can be used directly after updating a few directory path locations.


GXP Communiqué | September 2011

Asia, Australia, and Pacific Rim office grows to keep up with growing customer base

Alex Leech, defence customer support manager

Alex Leech, defence customer support manager

In July, the GXP team welcomed Alex Leech as the defence customer support manager for the Asia, Australia, and Pacific Rim office.

Alex has hit the ground running with an initial focus on video analysis and SOCET GXP workflow training to support the Australian Defence Force. Teresa Hong will continue supporting commercial and Asia-based customers.

Alex brings extensive field experience to the position. He joined the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) in 2006 at the age of 17. However, at 6’ 4,” he was too tall to pursue a career as a fighter pilot, so he chose the geospatial imagery intelligence trade. Shortly after being posted to the Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation, he was selected for a four-month operational deployment on the AP3-C Orion Maritime Patrol aircraft. He was dual-force assigned to Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, and provided imagery intelligence and support for security operations focused on anti-smuggling and anti-piracy in the Arabian Sea, Arabian Gulf, and mainland Iraq. Alex was awarded a Task Group Commendation for his efforts while deployed.


Bits and pieces | September 2011

GXP eXtreme athletes compete in national triathlon

Team GXP eXtreme athletes, Darren Stelle, left, and Rick Racine.

Team GXP eXtreme athletes Darren Stelle, left, and Rick Racine.

Darren Stelle, running, and Rick Racine, riding, participated in the Nation’s Triathlon in Washington D.C. on September 11.

Team GXP placed an impressive 21st out of 149 teams! The 1.5K swim portion of the race, scheduled to take place in the Potomac River, was cancelled due to recent flooding in the area.

The Nation’s Triathlon to Benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) featured a course that meandered through Washington, D.C.’s monument corridor in the shadow of the nation’s best known memorials and national treasures. This International Distance triathlon, sanctioned by the USAT, included a 40K bike course through D.C., and a 10K run through the city’s historical landmarks.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society funds research to help find better treatments and cures for blood cancer. Over its 60-year history, LLS has contributed to the discovery of innovative treatments for blood cancers, many of which are used to treat a wide variety of other cancers and diseases. To learn more about LLS, or to donate, visit