Customer and partner spotlight | June 2011

BAE Systems engineer uses SOCET GXP overseas to support U.S. Marine Corps efforts in Afghanistan

Jacob Hsieh (far right) with 3rd Intel Bn.

Jacob Hsieh (far right) with 3rd Intel Bn.

Jacob Hsieh, GXP senior systems engineer, and U.S. Marine reservist, has used his SOCET GXP experience far beyond the confines of training rooms and customer support calls for BAE Systems.

In June 2009, Hsieh was mobilized and joined the Economic and Political Intelligence Cell out of San Diego. Hsieh’s platoon was later attached to the 3rd Intelligence Battalion (3rd Intel Bn) based in Okinawa to participate in a mission to help legitimize the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and rebuild the nation. Because of his SOCET GXP product knowledge, Hsieh is passionate about passing on relevant software skills to assist analysts in the field.

Hsieh and his team spent six months in Camp Leatherneck, a Marine Corps forward operating base located in Helmand Province in Afghanistan. During the deployment, the team of imagery and all-source intelligence analysts joined forces to study the economic and political scene within Afghan tribes. The analysts used SOCET GXP to create detailed maps of villages and borders. The maps were used to improve structure and unity in the tribal communities, which gave the 3rd Intel Bn a better understanding of the social and political environment.

The 3rd Intelligence Battalion collaborated to assist in the reconstruction of tribes in surrounding areas of Helmand to gain legitimacy in the eyes of the local nationals. Hsieh and his team provided the framework that follow-on teams used to map the political landscape in an effort to rebuild the economy. Surely no easy feat, but Hsieh put his experience to work to help lay the foundation for future teams to continue the execution of their goal — create and maintain stability and governance within Afghan villages.

Furthermore, the real-world experience has helped Hsieh in his position as a GXP support representative. He understands the SOCET GXP workflows Marines are using in the field, making him better equipped to assist deployed forces.

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