April 2006 | Customer and partner spotlight

British Geological Survey makes large SOCET SET purchase

The British Geological Survey (BGS), the world’s oldest national geological survey and the UK’s premier centre for earth science information and expertise, has recently purchased six SOCET SET licenses. BGS intends to use the SOCET for ArcGIS module of the photogrammetric software package to enhance the mapping process by deriving and verifying digital geological information from a range of 3D sources such as digital stereoscopic photography.

The SOCET for ArcGIS module allows the ArcGIS community to exploit stereo imagery for the collection and editing of features, and the input of attributes, all in the user’s familiar ArcMap® environment. SOCET for ArcGIS uses the rigorous photogrammetry of SOCET SET in conjunction with the ESRI® ArcMap application. Operators can follow their ordinary GIS workflows while collecting accurate geospatial data in stereo.

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