Destinations | September 2011

Don’t miss the must attend event of the year!

2011 GXP User Conference

Featured keynote speakers

John M. Custer, Major General (Retired), EMC Corporation

Morning keynote
The Big Data Challenge

John M. Custer, Major General (Retired), EMC Corporation

Dr. Ann Carbonell, NGA

Afternoon keynote
NGA and Open IT Architecture

Dr. Ann Carbonell, NGA

2011 GXP User Conference agenda at a glance

GXP Boot Camp

Get a head start on the technical program by attending GXP Boot Camp. GXP engineers and subject matter experts will be on hand to demonstrate SOCET GXP v3.2. Sample scenarios include creating quick image products, long-term products such as feature databases, and a brief overview of SOCET GXP with GXP Xplorer data discovery. GXP Boot Camp lays the foundation for conference sessions by displaying current SOCET GXP capabilities.

For individuals who cannot attend the conference, there is an option to attend GXP Boot Camp for the drop-in fee of $39. Space is limited. Registration is available on a first-come, first-served basis. We strongly recommend that you register in advance to reserve your spot.

Conference sessions


  • SOCET GXP video analysis
    Learn how to integrate video analysis with other powerful SOCET GXP exploitation tools.
  • GXP Xplorer
    Take command of your data universe with the new GXP Xplorer data management tool.
  • SOCET SET v5.6
    Explore new SOCET SET v5.6 functionality, including ArcGIS 10 support in SOCET for ArcGIS.
  • SOCET GXP geospatial analysis and photogrammetric workflows
    See new end-to-end photogrammetric workflows resulting in superior efficiency and usability.
  • SOCET GXP terrain analysis
    Learn how to use the new drawing toolbox and cue cards, create a TIN terrain file in NGATE, and visualize terrain in a 3-D viewer.
  • SOCET GXP tips and tricks
    Learn amazing SOCET GXP tips and workarounds to shorten product workflows.
  • SOCET GXP API and Job Service
    See new features and messaging schema for the SOCET GXP API, image algorithm plug-ins, and distributed processing.
  • SOCET GXP feature extraction and 3-D visualization
    Find out about new functionality that will decrease production time and increase the quality and fidelity of your output.
  • SOCET GXP automatic feature extraction from LIDAR or digital surface models
    Extract 3-D volumetric features, such as buildings, from LIDAR or photogrammetric elevation data.
  • GXP: New technology on the horizon
    Catch a glimpse of the latest innovations such as the GXP App store, and the Mobile app for GXP Xplorer.
  • SOCET GXP hyperspectral and multispectral image (HSI and MSI) analysis – Partnering with DigitalGlobe for real-world examples using WorldView-2
    Explore real-world multispectral scenarios for actionable intelligence using commercial satellite imagery.
  • SOCET GXP – SOCET for ArcGIS and Spatially Enabled Exploitation (SEE)
    Transition from SOCET SET feature extraction to SOCET GXP v4.0 with SOCET for ArcGIS and SEE.

Professional exchange sessions

  • Research and development
  • Training programs within the geospatial industry
  • Using ClearFlite now and in the future
  • 2-D and 3-D output creation with SOCET GXP v4.0, TerraGo, and Safe Software

Classified workshops and professional exchange sessions

  • Advanced Spatially Enabled Exploitation
  • SOCET GXP and GXP Xplorer: Synthetic Aperture Radar processing
  • Full-motion video

Classified focus group sessions

  • U.S. Navy and targeting community
  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Marine Corps
  • Special Operations Forces
  • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
  • U.S. Air Force

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