April 2012 | Destinations

Save the date! Don’t miss the EMEA regional GXP user conference

EMEA User Conference

Since the last EMEA User Conference, BAE Systems has implemented significant technology advancements that release bottlenecks in the geospatial image processing chain.

We continue to expand our data visualization and exploitation, geospatial analysis, photogrammetry, and full-motion video software capabilities to satisfy user-driven requirements in one convenient package.

Catch up on all of the new SOCET v4.0 features:

  • 3-D site and building modeling with mesh modeling and 3-D perspective viewing
  • Feature extraction with drawing toolbox and cue cards
  • Advanced image processing algorithms for change detection, image classification, trend analysis, tracking patterns of activity over time, and finding anomalies in imagery
  • Enhanced localization support for additional languages
  • Terrain and surface modeling with Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) format support
  • LiDAR capabilities, including triangulation and automatic feature extraction that identifies certain 3-D objects within point clouds
  • Plus many more

This is your chance to see emerging technology, such as GXP Xplorer data discovery, exploitation, and cataloging software, and offer your insight for future product developments that address escalating global challenges — homeland security, border surveillance, interoperability, common standards, and scalability.

There’s never been a better time to take command of your data universe with GXP Xplorer and migrate your SOCET SET workflows to SOCET GXP.

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