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SOCET GXP® Boot Camp jump-starts 2009 BAE Systems GXP International User Conference and Professional Exchange



More than 100 attendees packed the Scripps Ballroom at the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines hotel in San Diego last month for the debut of SOCET GXP® Boot Camp, a software orientation and prelude to the annual user conference.

Product specialists introduced participants to the eXtreme Analysis (XA) concept. XA represents the best of both worlds, image analysis and geospatial analysis together in one powerful software application that aligns with the perspective promoted by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) — collaboration, data sharing, and a common operational picture of the world. It empowers users to satisfy multiple analysis and mapping requirements quickly and efficiently, reducing the dependency on multiple tools. As development progresses, SOCET GXP will replace SOCET SET®, our legacy photogrammetry and geospatial analysis software.

The conference kicked off May 5 with an introduction by Dan London, vice president of sales and marketing for the GXP business. Dan received positive responses from attendees when he suggested that BAE Systems take the Boot Camp concept on the road later this year. He reiterated the integral role user feedback plays in GXP software development and explained the concept of the Geospatial Professional Exchange, another new component of the annual user conference, introduced this year to provide an interactive forum for sharing ideas for future product growth.

Keynote speaker Jack Hild of the NGA.

Keynote speaker Jack Hild of the NGA.

In his keynote presentation, titled “Pixels, points, and vectors, the fuel for GEOINT,” the NGA’s Jack Hild discussed emerging GEOINT trends and the need for timely distribution of a proliferation of new satellite data. Hild noted that the world is discovering additional uses for GPS beyond “finding the local Starbucks coffee shop.” He reiterated a common problem — exposing new content in a timely manner to an extensive and diverse user community.

Throughout the week, conference attendees discussed a range of GEOINT topics: enterprise automation, coastal mapping, video analysis, targeting tools, unmanned aerial systems, LiDAR, hyperspectral and multispectral processing, and the U.S. Army’s extensive SOCET GXP training program at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, which prepares troops for active duty.

Customer presentations were given by the NGA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the U.S. Air Force, Riverside Research, ITT, General Dynamics, Sandia National Laboratories, and Ball Aerospace.

As we move closer to full integration of image and geospatial analysis, functionality for the forthcoming SOCET GXP v3.1 release dominated the presentations. New tools unveiled included the flip tool, a quick visual way to access data; an Open Geospatial Consortium-compliant Web services tool; and the Xport, a specialized Multiport with up to 16 linked preview panels for different processing chains that provides a rich environment for in-depth analysis and quick visualization.

GXP product specialists gave presentations on other notable developments to expedite workflows — updated algorithms for push-button pan-sharpening; automated triangulation; and other mid-range photogrammetry tools for image analysis, feature extraction, visualization, and terrain generation.

SOCET SET users attended conference workshops that introduced SOCET GXP from the photogrammetrist’s point of view to show how organized tool sets and an intuitive user interface expedite production. Most workflows have been simplified so that users unfamiliar with sophisticated algorithms and analysis processes can be productive using intuitive product creation tools. Participants also had the opportunity to attend Geospatial Professional Exchange sessions, software clinics, and to meet with product specialists for one-on-one training.

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