Executive compass | March 2010

GXP delivers outside-the-box support

Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen, general manager

BAE Systems’ Geospatial eXploitation Products (GXP) business is growing to satisfy the requirements of our diverse global user community. Because of the rapid adoption of SOCET GXP® and the continued success of SOCET SET®, we are ramping up our GXP development and support efforts.

Our commitment to supporting our customers’ missions remains a fundamental goal. We are expanding our customer support team to continue the effective, timely, and reliable support end-users expect. On-site support is the best way to observe how customers use GXP products in their unique working environments. GXP representatives in the field are forward-deployed observers who identify target areas for product improvement. Consequently, we can assist in optimizing workflows and resolving issues quickly.

While we strive to ensure that GXP products are intuitive and easy to learn, formal training is the fastest way to maximize productivity. The GXP team is dedicated to delivering relevant training with a flexible schedule at no additional charge. This year we are expanding our training efforts, adding a sixth global training site in Cambridge, U.K. to increase training availability in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region.

We are strengthening our engineering organization to accelerate the integration of planned product enhancements and increase the speed at which we field user-driven improvements. Our development team has expanded to allow these delivery improvements without affecting our plans to integrate the SOCET SET capabilities into SOCET GXP in 2011.

The new GXP Xplorer Web application is a Web site that allows role-based access to catalog, search, view, and retrieve geospatial products and documents.

The GXP Xplorer Web application is a Web site that allows role-based access to catalog, search, view, and retrieve geospatial products and documents.

We also are very excited to be growing our product line with the introduction of GXP Xplorer later this year. GXP Xplorer is a new software product that assists users with discovering, cataloging, and accessing a variety of geospatial data over networked systems, configurable workgroups, or disconnected desktops. Its graphical interface with map overlay is easy to learn for first-time users, yet allows advanced, federated searches. Users can access discovery and ordering capabilities through a rich application client or a browser-based Web client.

I hope you have the chance to join us this year for the 2010 BAE Systems GXP International User Conference and Professional Exchange, which takes place April 19 – 23 at the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines in San Diego. This event is an excellent opportunity for education and a professional exchange — and to have a little fun. I look forward to meeting as many users as possible at the conference.

Jeff Allen
Jeff Allen
General manager
Geospatial eXploitation Products

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