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Technological advances help save time and increase productivity for geospatially-focused organizations

Mark Sarojak

Mark Sarojak

GXP Xplorer offers easy access to data.

Any intel analyst will tell you that finding the right data to support their analysis efforts is far more difficult than it should be. Repeatedly, we hear from analysts who are challenged to find the data they need, when they need it. However, information that is dispersed across different systems, repositories, local digital “shoeboxes,” and social media networks can now be discovered quickly and easily with GXP Xplorer, our new geospatial data management tool.

Here’s how it works… GXP Xplorer finds and catalogs geospatial data files (such as images, maps, charts, terrain, video, LiDAR, shapefiles, text documents, PowerPoint presentations, and GeoPDFs) where they are stored without moving or duplicating them, thereby eliminating unnecessary data duplication and added IT storage costs.

Mark Sarojak discusses
GXP Xplorer with Tom Temin, The Federal Drive, as part of Federal News Radio’s daily DoD Report.

“A key goal of the vision is to provide an analytic environment where analysts spend their time doing analysis and not waste their time looking for data, or building spreadsheets, or signing onto multiple systems.” *

– Letitia A. Long, Director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Rather than manually searching through various databases one at a time using different discovery clients, GXP Xplorer saves the user significant time by automatically querying multiple data stores simultaneously with a single “federated” search. To further reduce time consuming steps, users set up subscriptions to bypass the need to manually rerun common queries. The software automatically runs the specified query when new data arrives that meets the search criteria and sends alerts to the user via RSS feeds.

GXP Xplorer is an open enterprise solution that can be installed “in the cloud” and accessed from a variety of clients, including a Web browser or our GXP Xplorer Mobile app (iOS and Android). Data can be previewed prior to retrieval and opened directly into other applications, such as SOCET GXP, for analysis. Later this year, we are building a tighter integration between SOCET GXP and GXP Xplorer to further enhance data discovery workflows for SOCET GXP users.

We have been on the road for the last 18 months giving GXP Xplorer demonstrations and illustrating how easy it is to manage all of your data resources with this valuable new tool. Current customers include the U.S. Army, NGA, Northrop Grumman, Australian Defence, and the Royal Danish Air Force. To schedule a demo, please reach out to us at socetgxp.sales@baesystems.com.

In May 2012, we will be rolling out GXP Xplorer training at our regional training centers worldwide, so be sure to register for a class to learn more. All training classes are free for customers with current Upgrade Entitlement plans.

GXP Xplorer Web interface

The GXP Xplorer Web interface has various map backgrounds to customize the interface. Markers and callout balloons display thumbnails and basic metadata information. The software uses plug-in algorithm architecture to process data sets within search results remotely on the server before downloading.

Mark Sarojak
Mark Sarojak
Director, global sales and marketing

* Excerpt from Geospatial Intelligence Forum interview: GEOINT VISIONARY: Strengthening Analysis and Making Content More Accessible; GIF 2011 Volume 9: Issue: 8 (November/December)

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