GXP in the news | March 2011

Photo and image analysis aids

Tactical ISR Technology

Tactical ISR Technology

As featured in TISR 2011 Volume: 1 Issue: 1 (March)

Excerpt from article…

Photo/Image Analysis Aids

Image analysis software can be used to exploit geospatial imagery for tactical purposes, such as assessing combatant movement and positions. The military has made progress using video to improve mission efficiency within ISR communities.

Geospatial Intelligence Tool

BAE Systems developed SOCET GXP, a versatile geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) tool that uses imagery from commercial, satellite and tactical sources to identify and analyze ground features. With SOCET GXP, users can automatically measure, annotate, store and retrieve ground features in a series of images to expedite geospatial production, image analysis and map creation. The data can be used to monitor changes over time, manage utilities and communications networks, facilitate infrastructure design and development, and coordinate operational missions. more >>

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