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Processing Point Clouds

Bingcai Zhang

Bingcai Zhang

3D Data Update

Excerpts from article: Imaging Notes, fall 2011, Volume 26 Number 4

Like raster and vector data many years ago, 3D clouds of billions of LiDAR points — which can be colored and very realistic — are an exciting new data type. However, they pose many software challenges, and software vendors are working hard to develop new software to manage, process, visualize, and extract features from point clouds.

“We have many tools to make 3D measurements from imagery that can be applied to make 3D measurements from point cloud data,” says Zhang. “That is our legacy and our competitive advantage.”

…SOCET GXP v4.0, which BAE Systems plans to release in early 2012, will include automatic feature extraction. To increase efficiency and reduce manual entry for end users, the underlying algorithm will automatically compute the dimensional attributes of a 3D object, for about 20 attributes. This capability builds on the company’s 16 years of experience in developing photogrammetric algorithms for SOCET SET and SOCET GXP.

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