May 2007 | Q & A

How do I transition from SOCET SET to SOCET GXP?

Think of the transition to SOCET GXP as either a maintenance upgrade, or a follow on to VITec® or SOCET SET.

Immediate Access

If you have active Upgrade Entitlement (UE), you can call our Reston, Virginia office toll-free (800) 316-9643, or direct (703) 668-4385, to request automatic shipment of SOCET GXP media.


Each software purchase comes with a 90-day free warranty, as well as options to extend the warranty by purchasing the UE package. UE is an added benefit that is offered to licensed GXP software users. UE is based on your individual or site license and the modules you have purchased.


Be sure to take advantage of the professional software training hosted by experienced GXP staff to get up and running as soon as possible. We offer many flexible options, including free training, and group sessions for up to eight people at our Reston, Virginia facility.

Transitioning SOCET SET projects to SOCET GXP

One of SOCET GXP’s strengths is its flexible project workflow infrastructure, referred to as the Workspace Manager. You can load all project files, including data, images, and features into the SOCET GXP Workspace Manager. SOCET GXP references the files on your computer, giving you the flexibility to store the information in the most intuitive way.

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