Resolutions | September 2011

GXP plans modular training classes for 2012

With the success of the GXP worldwide training program and the forthcoming release of SOCET GXP v4.0 on the horizon, the GXP training team is working on an updated training plan.

We sincerely appreciate the candid feedback students have provided in post-training class surveys to assist us in structuring the training program to support real-life workflows.

SOCET GXP v4.0 represents a significant milestone we set forth nearly 10 years ago to combine image analysis and geospatial analysis into one robust image exploitation solution. With an abundance of new functionality, including innovative tools and workflows for feature collection, 3-D urban modeling, and easy-to-use photogrammetric workflows, SOCET GXP offers customers streamlined analysis and production in a single software package. Therefore, modular classes are being developed to cover advanced tools and topics.

Training location 2009 2010 YTD 2011 Total
Australia     5 5
Beavercreek, OH     48 48
Cambridge, UK     39 39
Denver, CO 3 38 17 58
Reston, VA 98 251 218 567
San Diego, CA 17 121 93 231
St. Louis, MO 39 77 47 163
Tampa, FL 23 73 35 131
Grand total 180 560 502 1242

BAE Systems has trained more than 1200 GXP software customers since kicking off the hands-on, free training program in 2009.

The current three-day SOCET GXP eXtreme Analysis course will be extended to include an introduction to v4.0 functionality, and serve as the cornerstone for advanced classes. Students taking the course should gain an understanding of basic functionality and become familiar with the user interface. The class is designed as a prerequisite for the advanced modular classes.

After learning the basics, customers can choose from a variety of courses focused on specific areas of functionality. While the details are still in the works, preliminary plans include one-to-two day classes covering the following topics: features (including Automatic Feature Extraction), terrain, triangulation, ortho products, hyperspectral and multispectral image analysis, video analysis, and transitioning from SOCET SET to SOCET GXP.

Look for the new class listings on our website in early 2012!

View the complete list of worldwide free SOCET GXP and SOCET SET training classes >>

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