June 2011 | SOCET SET | Software update

A new SOCET SET v5.5 EXPORT patch has been added to the BAE Systems GXP FTP site.

The following list includes new items in the cumulative 201104 EXPORT patch:

  • GXP00024032 Manual select of ISOURCE required for DPPDB
  • GXP00025455 Add new ClearFlite ICAO Area 2 surface specifications
  • GXP00025606 Fix bug introduced into nextview_join utility program in March 2011 patch
  • GXP00025761 Fix invalid ClearFlite end point setup
  • GXP00025784 Problem with between-stereo model shear values not being populated when running Import Geopositioning Job
  • GXP00025872 Add FAA A18_P10.SRP surface file to ClearFlite
  • GXP00025893 Make sure the patch install clearly identifies itself as a patch
  • GXP00022637 Update installers to take advantage of new InstallAnywhere 2010 features
  • GXP00022790 Unable to open chip in FalconView due to missing IGEOLO fields
  • GXP00023827 Update CIB version history from hard drive rather than media
  • XP00023946 Square After Accept drawing not working properly when using Measure HGT/Zxx preference in SFA
  • GXP00024031 DPPDB Hardcopy Manifest needs correct Security Classification Authority
  • GXP00024032 Manual select of ISOURCE required for DPPDB
  • GXP00024034 DPPDB diagnostic/shear points for commercial imagery not oriented properly
  • GXP00024540 ClearFlite Crash on F-77 Surfaces
  • GXP00024552 NGATE fails to generate DTM from images with very different GSD
  • GXP00024677 Add missing ClearFlite FAA files
  • GXP00024829 Licensing performance fixes
  • GXP00024847 NGATE ocean enhancement with WorldView2 images
  • GXP00024924 Fix Mosaic crash with COWI TIN terrain file
  • XP00024931 Fix Flicker Images crash on Windows
  • GXP00024945 Specifiable constant height for area_matcher
  • GXP00025067 Make incompatible patch changes to NCDRD sensor model compatible
  • GXP00025144 SFA — fix for multipart features
  • GXP00025157 nextview_join not recognizing overlapping segments
  • GXP00025326 patch installer using the wrong license agreement
  • GXP00025327 Generation of DPPDB-like product without CADRG raster graphic
  • XP00025464 Fix patch installer web page
  • GXP00025699 Fix build of socet_arcmap on Windows 7

More info: http://www.socetgxp.com/content/category/support/software-patch-updates

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