March 2011 | SOCET SET | Software update

Cumulative SOCET SET v5.5 EXPORT patch 201101 list

  • GXP00021566: Updated ClearFlite Surface Model Library based on August 2010 SML from NOAA
  • GXP00021858: Fixed viewport color glitch
  • GXP00021901: Fix for frame import with UltraCam imagery
  • GXP00023462: Fix for Review Edit DPPDB Segments to resolve bug with corruption of accuracy files when segments edited
  • GXP00023551: Removed unnecessary reading of image request files during initialization of DPPDB-like generation
  • GXP00024055: Fix to modify NextView icov file as part of running nextview_join utility program
  • GXP00024363: Fixed bug with multiple external rectangle IDs in task_mbrs.fps file when running Stereo Model Generation

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