December 2008 | SOCET GXP | Software update

SOCET GXP® geospatial-intelligence software captures the attention of a diverse GIS community

SOCET GXP establishes the union of image analysis and geospatial production in one software package.

SOCET GXP establishes the union of image analysis and geospatial production in one software package.

BAE Systems released SOCET GXP® v3.0 in October 2008. The update provides new functionality that allows users to reduce the dependency on multiple tools to record and analyze ground features. Today, image analysis (IA) and geospatial analysis (GA) production, which include second-phase product generation, are becoming integrated. SOCET GXP v3.0 combines image analysis and geospatial analysis in one software package for eXtreme Analysis™ (XA™). With SOCET GXP, the XA is empowered to complete IA and GA tasks using a single application. Accurate products can be created quickly with automated tools.

What is SOCET GXP?

SOCET GXP is a versatile geospatial-intelligence (GEOINT) tool that uses imagery from commercial, satellite, and tactical sources to identify and analyze ground features. With SOCET GXP, users can automatically measure, annotate, store, and retrieve ground features in a series of images to expedite geospatial production, image analysis, and map creation. The data can be used to monitor changes over time, manage utilities and communications networks, facilitate infrastructure design and development, and coordinate operational missions.

“First responders and deployed forces generally have about 30 minutes to build detailed GEOINT products such as topographic image maps and target charts,” said Rob Stout, geospatial exploitation product manager for BAE Systems in San Diego. “Integrating image and geospatial analysis into one comprehensive system reduces equipment, training, operating, and maintenance costs, making SOCET GXP extremely user-friendly.”

The software currently is used on the frontlines in Iraq and Afghanistan, and systems integrators
working on National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency programs are using it to produce GEOINT products. The U.S. Army has procured SOCET GXP for Army-wide implementation into its Imagery Workstation baseline for operational units, establishing the software as its primary GEOINT exploitation tool.

SOCET GXP v3.0 is available on Microsoft Windows and UNIX® Solaris™ 8, 9, and 10 operating systems.

SOCET GXP at a glance

SOCET GXP is the next generation of true geospatial-intelligence production technology, enabling interoperability among users and decision-makers at all levels. Its intuitive, customizable interface provides a suite of automated analysis and production tools, and direct access to shared databases and extended capabilities within the software. Information generated from SOCET GXP can be used to satisfy long-term operating and maintenance requirements. By providing all of this rich functionality in one intuitive product, BAE Systems empowers organizations and commands to consolidate resources, increase productivity, and save money.

SOCET GXP eXtreme Analysis™ capabilities:

  • Access Google Earth™ for dynamic viewing and 3-D color visualization.
  • Connect to the ESRI® geodatabases to create, store, and share geographic information.
  • Use common databases to query previously exploited information.
  • Complete complex workflows with automated geospatial production tools for orthorectification, triangulation, and digital terrain model creation.
  • Create finished map products and output results to PowerPoint® or GeoPDF® formats.

More information on SOCET GXP v3.0:

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