April 2012 | SOCET GXP | Software update


A new SOCET GXP v3.2 EXPORT patch has been added to the BAE Systems GXP Customer Portal.

The following list includes new items in the 201201.4 EXPORT patch:

  • GXP00035950: Features that contain Measures (m-values) with no data values in a shapefile are still valid
  • GXP00036046: Fixed memory estimation code to allow multi-image NITF files to be displayed
  • GXP00036110: Can now use ground point information from the graphic to calculate measurements
  • GXP00036488: Re-synced the elevations paths for a virtual mosaic to fix incorrect mouse wheel zooming on virtual mosaics
  • GXP00036489: Re-synced elevation paths for virtual mosaics to prevent extraction cursor from being stuck on edge of image
  • GXP00036528: Added logic to check if terrain paths are available before computing ground point to fix Xport tool display
  • GXP00036593: Fixed RSET display for NPJE encoded JPEG 2000 images
  • GXP00037009: Fixed jumpy cursor when drawing graphics with NTM RPC
  • GXP00037038: Fixed problem displaying text with the same font in different panels on virtual Solaris environment

Download the patch here:

All BAE Systems SOCET SET, SOCET GXP, VITec, and GXP Xplorer software customers with current Upgrade Entitlement software agreements in place are entitled to register for myGXP access, using the following link:

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact customer support at socetgxp.support@baesystems.com.

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