December 2011 | SOCET SET | Software update


A new SOCET SET v5.5 EXPORT patch has been added to the BAE Systems GXP Customer Portal.

Click here to download.

The following list includes new items in the cumulative 201111.1 EXPORT patch:

  • GXP00024940: Fixed empty text data directory in GAIT for version higher than 15
  • GXP00031470: Fixed dynamic y parallax and enhanced matching blunder detection
  • GXP00031770: Fixed Rename TFRD Images to deal with files with .r0.tfd extension
  • GXP00031900: Fixed security banners for various DataThruWay source code files
  • GXP00032097: Fixed unacceptably slow times for CIB-like generation
  • GXP00032119: Fixed crash in Automatic Interior Orientation for some JPEG images
  • GXP00032136: Fixed incorrect image source information in CIB* frame files with CIB-like generation
  • GXP00032254: Fixed problem where points measured in IPM occasionally disappear
  • GXP00032277: Fixed failure in Create Image Segments for CIB-like production for .sup files that do not use FPE naming convention
  • GXP00032411: Interactive Terrain Edit – Fixed moving vertex or deleting breaklines not working for some breaklines
  • GXP00032429: SOCET for ArcGIS – Fixed geometry and memory issues
  • GXP00032491: Fixed problem where segments from DPPDB* feature database do not match validated DPPDB* segments
  • GXP00032567: Fixed problem with void areas when using partial frame fill for CIB-like generation
  • GXP00032884: Fixed bug to ensure that .ocov file is copied from source project for GMM products for CIB-like production
  • GXP00033766: SOCET for ArcGIS – Fixed Disable Vertex Icons and Disable Map Cache

All BAE Systems SOCET SET, SOCET GXP, VITec, and GXP Xplorer software customers with current Upgrade Entitlement software agreements in place are entitled to register for myGXP access.

If you have further questions, please contact a customer support representative.

*SOCET SET Digital Point Positioning Data Base (DPPDB) format production module [which uses MIL-PRF-89034, March 1999 format specifications] and SOCET SET Controlled Image Base® (CIB) format production module [which uses MIL-PRF-89041, May 15, 1999, format specifications].

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