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Loading temporary and permanent SOCET GXP software licenses

Joey Medina

Joey Medina

Prior to launching SOCET GXP, a license must be installed to unlock all software functionality. The license is provided as a text file that contains modules purchased.

Occasionally, a temporary license is required to test a workflow with the current version of SOCET GXP prior to transitioning to a permanent license.

When installing a new, permanent license to the GXP License Manager, the temporary license must be removed before the permanent license can be installed. This scenario is only necessary if the license is for the same version of SOCET GXP (i.e., SOCET GXP v4.0).

Use the following steps to complete the process.

GXP License Manager Admin window

Remove the temporary license:

  1. Close the GXP License Manager Admin Tool.
  2. Go to Start Menu > Control Panel.
  3. Click Administrative Tools.
  4. Click Services (The License Manager is a service and must be stopped by an administrator).
  5. From the Services list, select the Sentinel RMS License Manager.
  6. Stop the License Manager service.

GXP License Manager

Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the License Manager install directory:
C:\Program Files\BAE SYSTEMS\GXP License Manager

  1. Locate a file named lservrc.
  2. Rename this file: lservrc.old and save the file.
  3. Restart the service (LM).
  4. Start the GXP License Manager Admin Tool.

Note: Verify that no licenses exist for the machine.

Add a new temporary or permanent license file:

  1. From the License Manager Admin Tool, right-click the name of the server where you are adding the license.
  2. Click Add Feature.
  3. Select From a File.
  4. Click To Server and Its File.

After the licenses are installed a popup menu indicates the number of licenses installed. At this time, the License Manager creates a new lservrc file with a copy of the licenses recently uploaded. SOCET GXP will now be able to read the newly loaded licenses.

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