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SOCET for ArcGIS tips


SOCET for ArcGIS, a SOCET SET module, adds stereo digitizing to ArcGIS; 3D information is captured directly in the ESRI® environment. Users see their familiar ArcMap® surroundings and Editor functions with a stereoscopic window for data collection, and SOCET SET manages image organization behind the scenes. Everything works in 3D, and photogrammetric expertise is not required. SOCET for ArcGIS works with the geodatabase, whether personal or multiuser, and handles versioning and topology. Users benefit from SOCET SET’s rigorous handling of airborne and satellite imagery – it embeds the photogrammetry into ArcMap.


Increase performance while loading graphics

Set the stereo viewport graphics mode to Limited. When set to Full, refreshing graphics will redraw every feature loaded in ArcMap, but when set to Limited it will only load features within the viewport.

Use the synchronize cursor functionality to navigate quickly to a feature in the stereo viewport from the ArcMap canvas

  1. Map an accelerator key in ArcMap to the synchronize cursor function.
  2. Toggle on ArcMap tools, press the accelerator key, and move to the feature of interest in the ArcMap canvas.
  3. The stereo viewport will navigate to the image automatically as the cursor moves.
  4. Once you have reached the area of interest, press the accelerator key again to turn off tracking and switch back to the stereo viewport to edit the feature.

Learn more about any SOCET for ArcGIS preference setting

Press the “what’s this” tool ?, and click on any preference.

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