September 2007 | What's the buzz?

New ITE algorithms provide basis for bare earth tools in SOCET SET®

In many applications, customers need a bare earth digital terrain model/digital elevation model (DTM/DEM). SOCET SET’s NGATE and ATE modules generate a digital surface model (DSM), which has points on top of trees and buildings. Customers spend a significant amount of time editing these points down to the bare earth. Some customers spend as much as 65% of their DTM production budget on editing. To address this need for efficient editing, we have developed six new bare earth tools, which will be available in SOCET SET v5.4.1 later this fall. The six tools employ new filtering algorithms to create bare earth surfaces over areas with dense tree canopies, and urban areas with trees and buildings. The bare earth tools also help in the editing of small objects such as dense grassland and brush, by removing anomalous spikes and wells based on terrain histogram profiling. In SOCET SET v5.4.1, these six new tools are part of the Interactive Terrain Editing (ITE) module. In future releases, bare earth tools will be integrated with NGATE for generating DSMs, DEMs or both.

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