September 2008 | What's the buzz?

eXtreme Analysis™ with SOCET GXP®

eXtreme Analysis

eXtreme Analysis™ (XA™) is the ability to use one intuitive application for image analysis, mapping, geospatial production, and 3-D visualization.

XA can be accomplished with a single application that employs a ground coordinate system to record latitude, longitude, and elevation data, eliminating the need for manual registration. Automated, user-defined workflows characterize the application, eliminating excessive time spent on laborious tasks.

Become an XA with SOCET GXP

eXtreme Analyst

The eXtreme Analyst™ (XA™) is capable of completing a wide range of complex image analysis, geospatial analysis, photogrammetric, and mapping tasks using a single application. Previously, multiple specialized software packages had to be used.

The XA has direct access to geospatial databases to store and retrieve features; a link to Google Earth™  for enhanced situational awareness; and the capability to create and transmit geospatial data products to colleagues, field commanders, and operation control centers from the convenience of a desktop or laptop computer.

Increasingly, image and geospatial analysis workflows are being integrated. Image analysts need the capability to extract accurate geospatial information, while geospatial analysts require additional analysis resources and increased ease of use. BAE Systems has listened to users who must learn multiple applications to complete their tasks; SOCET GXP® was built to address these issues. eXtreme Analysts use SOCET GXP to manage geospatial information and build GEOINT and mapping products. The intuitive interface, automated processes, and customization options give organizations and users maximum control.

XAs have the best of both worlds — image analysis and geospatial analysis combined in a single application — SOCET GXP.

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